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Welcome, I'm Kanu.

I'm thrilled to offer comprehensive support, drawing on my extensive background as a therapist, recruiter, storyteller, and relationship expert.

Experience a personalized program designed to empower you in key areas of life: love, career, and healing from trauma.


About me...

I’m a therapist/ Counselor turned Love Guru, Matchmaker, entrepreneur, CEO and Executive Recruiter. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career, championing and teaching my clients to transform their lives to feel more relevant, aligned and gratified in all aspects of life including: career, relationships and LOVE.


I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling and have an extensive executive recruitment background. 



The Executive Presence X-Factor 

Are you a professional who desires to level up and be the graceful, classy, and elegant woman? These tried and true strategies are the life changing magic of leveling up your life. You can go from stuck to having dynamic executive presence and timeless elegance. 

This program will help you uncover your strongholds and fast track your way to attracting a C-SUITE POSITION, LOVE, RESPECT, FULFILLMENT ... the benefits are endless


The Ultimate Love Attractor Plan

Are you having a hard time attracting your Picture Perfect Love?

These tried and true strategies will guide you to attracting the high-caliber mate who loves, respects, honors, cherishes, you adores for who you are without having to waste your time on another time wasting date!!

Loving Couple

Love Mastery Podcast

“When stories not only inspire you, but give you the clear steps needed to put the insights you need to become a love attractor into rapid, action”

Available on all Podcast Platforms

A podcast to share stories and get tips on how to build, and nurture relationships into meaningful connections.

We cover all types of types of love including: Agape (humanity), Eros (Romantic), Philia (friendship), Storge (Familial), Philautia (Self-Love), Pragma (Mature), Ludus (Flirtatious) and Mania (Obsessive)


Success Stories


The Truth is...


If you want to find the right balance between your professional and personal life 

(the kind of fulfillment that creates security in your heart)… 


…then it’s important to click that button…

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