Welcome, I'm Kanu.
I'm excited to fully support you,
with my vast experience as a Therapist, Counselor and Coach, 
in my you
-niquely-tailored program.

Over 6 weeks, with my proven reFinement techniques,
Learn to
Feel "Fulfilled //Self-Assured",
in the full expression of you,
Grace and timeless Elegance .

Come and Experience your Magnetic Self Blossoming!!!


Program Outline 

Inner Brilliance 

  • Nurture your Inner Child 

  • Take a look at the "You" now vs the "You" that you desire

  • Are your basic Needs being met?

  • Lifestyle Audit

Values Framework

  • Employ performance-based methods and time-tested techniques of professional performers to engage diverse audiences, build credibility and motivate teams.

  • Learn how to align objective (what you want) with action (how to get what you want) to communicate powerfully and effectively.

 The Blindspot Blueprint 

  • Heighten your awareness of how others perceive you.

  • Identify the strongholds that are blocking you from making meaningful and impactful connections.  

  • Change your narrative on how you are perceived 

Dynamic Presence

  • Combine your intuitions about executive presence, your knowledge of how others perceive you and your performance acumen to build on your success as a leader.

  • Get rid of strongholds and face imposter syndrome once and for all.

Personal Brand/ Profile 

  • Craft your "why" statement.

  • Craft your winning elevator pitch 

  • Construct your leadership brand statement, and test its ability to help you get the results you want.

Visual Persuasion

  • What you wear speaks so loudly

  • Master Business Etiquette 

  • The Unclothed Cognition

  • Authority Dressing Guidelines and much more ...


This program is for women who:

  • Are aspiring leaders

  • Are managers, senior leaders and executives

  • Are CEO's desiring dynamic presence 

  • Are perceived as intimidating and unapproachable 

  • Want better business etiquette 

  • Want to increase their confidence

  • Want gratification and fulfillment 

  • Want to lead with Grace, Authenticity and Elegance 


Hi, I'm Kanu. 

I’m a therapist/ Counselor turned Possibility Champion & Love Guru, mentor, entrepreneur and CEO based in Arizona. I’ve spent the last 5 years of my career, motivating, inspiring and teaching my clients how to transform their lives to feel more relevant, aligned and gratified in all aspects of life including: career, relationships and LOVE.


I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling and have an extensive coaching background. 



Character | Substance | Timeless Elegance

Are you a woman who desires to level up and be the graceful, classy, and elegant woman? These tried and true strategies are the life changing magic of leveling up your life. You can go from stuck to having dynamic executive presence and timeless elegance. 

This program will help you uncover your strongholds and fast track your way to attracting a C-SUITE POSITION, LOVE, RESPECT, FULFILLMENT ... the benefits are endless

The Ultimate Love Attractor Plan

Are you having a hard time attracting your Picture Perfect Love?

These tried and true strategies will guide you to attracting the high-caliber mate who loves, respects, honors, cherishes, you adores for who you are without having to waste your time on another time wasting date!!

Loving Couple


“When stories not only inspire you, but give you the clear steps needed to put the insights you need to become a love attractor into rapid, action”

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A podcast to share stories and get tips on how to build, and nurture relationships into meaningful connections.

We cover all types of types of love including: Agape (humanity), Eros (Romantic), Philia (friendship), Storge (Familial), Philautia (Self-Love), Pragma (Mature), Ludus (Flirtatious) and Mania (Obsessive)


Success Stories


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If you want to find the right balance between your professional and personal life 

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