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Stories from the Heart Studio

A place where you become a GREAT storyteller

Learn how to create a story that will grab your audience’s attention. Create a story that is like a movie, that is engaging, that evokes emotions and will leave your listeners motivated/ inspired and wanting more …


Want to be a great storyteller? 

  • Coming Soon:  Self-paced and cohort-based online storytelling workshops for individuals, change makers, organizations, educators, facilitators, and youth.

  • All lessons are designed to equip you with the skills and tools you need to amplify your impact through storytelling.

Become a great storyteller!

Stories from the heart!!!
- an international storytelling series


The Stories

We are expanding beyond love stories. The world is such a complex fun and sometimes challenging place so want to cover all the stories that make us "US".

Each event will have a theme.

Speaker in front of a Crowd

The Storytellers

All are WELCOME!! From young age to mature as long as you can participate in the coaching process and will adhere to the guidelines you are welcome the mic and share your story. 


Stories from the Heart is an international platform with stories being shared in Phoenix, Arizona: Oklahoma City, OKVancouver, British Columbia and Harare, Zimbabwe 

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